My goal is to shine a positive light on the Bay Area and show my creativity through my clothing. I want to put on for the Bay Area as a whole and show that we are more than what we are made out to be. The Bay Area breeds a lot of different people with different personalities and it’s so easy to get caught up in the wrong crowds and wrong things. Therefore, you have to learn to stand for something, live by something and stand by a moral code by not being easily influenced, or you’ll fall for anything. My brand represents a driven mindset, perseverance, and determination to not only do better, but to try and always be a leader and show by example. No matter how many times you try, you fall, you get back up and you give it a go again.

Multimedia collage

‘HOTB’ Luxe Tie Dye Tee- Red-Navy Spiral
‘HOTB’ Tie Dye Tee- Multicolor
‘Heart of the Bay’ Signature Hoodie Oakland Tribune- Navy

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